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14 MILLION views!

Dear chrianna fans,

words can’t describe how we feel right now, when we made this blog, we couldn’t even imagine that it will be one of the most popular Chris/Rihanna/Chrianna related blogs. Our faves are not together, but still, you guys come here every day and together we can cherish their memories, we can promote their music and we celebrate their love.

14 million views is a BIG DEAL, we did our best to make this blog very positive and interesting for you guys, sometimes we can’t give 100% because of our uni and work, but we’re still here and we’re not giving up. We want to thank you for all this support, for all sweet messages, for sending us submissions, questions, helping us to run this blog…We even want to say thanks to our haterz lolll, ‘cause they give us extra views…

and when it comes to Rih and Chris, this two will always be very special for us, they share something beautiful, all the things they have in common, their music and their love story is one of the kind…Because of all that we keep going, no matter if they get back or not, we’re happy and proud to be their fans, happy that we’re able to promote their music and to have thousands of people who can join us thanks to this blog. 

We promise you much more fun here, interesting posts, rare pics and videos, questions&answers, new layout’s, promo weekends, fan videos, edits and so on…

once again THANK YOU for being LOYAL and for being true fans!!!

CHRIANNA no matter what!!!


- Admin Team

+ Majesty and aunty Rih

Majesty and aunty Rih

+ Rihanna last night :)

Rihanna last night :)

July 04 - Rihanna at Hooray Henry’s nightclub in L.A.

Chris Brown performing Biggest Fan in Berlin, calling Rihanna baby 0:13

+ #RihannaBETAwards


throwback: BET Awards 2008

Mirsiane submitted to Our baby boy dancing Loveeeee Song at his skate party 


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+ #RihannaBETAwards