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New “HOME" trailer

+ spicewon Birthplace. @chrisbrownofficial @ltg86 @dinerostreets#IJU

spicewon Birthplace. @chrisbrownofficial @ltg86 @dinerostreets#IJU

Chris Brown - All About You

posted by Chris on twitter yesterday (Dec 27, 2013)


Barbados 2008

+ Finally home do road

Finally home do road

+ Just touch down home sweet fucking home !!!@badgalriri angry cuz we woke her ass up … Turn up time !!’Barbados edition

Just touch down home sweet fucking home !!!@badgalriri angry cuz we woke her ass up … Turn up time !!’Barbados edition

Chris Brown "Home" from Riveting Entertainment on Vimeo.

Meet Glass John – Producer of Chris Brown’s ‘Home’

Q1. Who is Glass John?

Q1. Who is Glass John? good question. let me not talk about myself in 3rd person right now.[Ha Ha]. l’m a kid from Alaska with big dreams who risked everything to live them out. thats the abridged version. I produce music but i’m more than just a producer and time will reveal that.

Q2. What is your process in producing? Do you have any routine or methodology?

Q2 . it’s a bit hard to write a little synopsis for my creative process because theres so many different ways i make music. my creative process is very organic and not really mechanical. it’s different for me, i don’t just grab my signature drum kit, add chords, a baseline, and a melody. my music is more couture. i hand pick each sound and whatever the vibe is in the studio or what i’m inspired by i let that guide me.

Q3. Quincy Jones once said that he knows a hit has been produced when he is overwhelmed with goosebumps. How do you react to hearing a hit record either being made by yourself or others?

Q3.  crazy you mention Quincy, i just watched a documentary on him “the Many lives of Q” . his impact on music is legendary. i was listening to “P.Y.T.”  yesterday it’s timeless. if you play it for kids years from now they will still sing along. it still feels good.

But to answer your question when the record is a “hit”  it hits you, it brings a sensation over people, it makes you feel something. you can’t fake that feeling. whether its excitement or sadness it moves you in some way. theres been times when i’ve herd something incredible and been mad, in a good way, like i wish i created that. usually i channel that energy and get inspired.

Q4. You recently produced ‘Home’ for Chris Brown, are there other records we can expect from you and him in the future?

Q4. absolutely, we have 2 very personal records on “X” . “Here We Go Again” and “Won’t Change”. both songs are catchy and relatable. “Here We Go Again” a big guitar song with hard drums, is a love song full of raw emotions that takes you on a ride through all the highs and lows of relationships, singing about the complexities of true love asking “Are you still down baby?/ are you really about that life?/ are you down for the ride?/”, i’ve seen it make people cry in the studio. it’s a very touching song. “Won’t change” is about the pressures of being on a pedestal in the world but not letting it change you and no matter how high you are staying grounded. both songs are very honest and give the audience a look at life seen through the eyes of Chris Brown. You know i have also done other songs with CB that he has written as well, you may look up and see that we have a few song placements on other artist.

Q5. What are three words that decribes Chris’ work ethic in the studio?

Q5CB’s work ethic is nonstop, prolific, and inspiring.

Q6. You have produced for some amazing artists so far in your career, who is your next focus on getting in the studio with?

Q6.  i’ve been in the studio with so many artist that it’s hard to say who i’m focused on getting in the studio with next that i haven’t already worked with. but a person that does comes to mind is Pharrell, one of my favorite songwriters.

Q7. You have just been collaborating with Pusha T, Big Sean and The Dream. What can we expect from that record?

Q7.  shout out to Pusha (Pusha-T and Glass John have the management) i mean it’s not something i will play for my  it’s the ratchet song of the year, that is the first thing that comes to mind . its ratchet and its fun. i won’t be mad at anyone who decides to do a twerk video to it. thats what it was made for. [Ha ha].

Q8. Which artist do you have the most chemistry with when creating records?

Q8Dream, he never runs out of jokes, we have a big brother little brother type of relationship. always great vibes in the studio.  He’s a real music lover. he can do anything. any type of song. He can create a whole album in a day. no joking. very prolific creative individual. seeing the success that he has achieved, i’ve been blessed to learn as much from him as i have.

Mario, we’re good friends so we always have fun when we go into the studio. his voice is crazy. definitely one of the best vocalist of our generation.

Mr. Hudson (“Forever Young” by Jay-z, G.O.O.D. Music)thats the homie. we always have these very deep 4 hour conversations before we even get into writing or creating but by the time we’re done we know exactly what we want to create and it takes about an hour.

and of course CB, its fun to watch him create, he’s a very imaginative writer, he finds some very creative ways to say things, and his vocal arrangements are always unique and really cool.

Q9. What is your ultimate goal as a producer?

Q9. after the grammies and hit records  what will be the most rewarding for me is to know i inspired the youth. i look forward to being in a position to have youth be creative and learn under me and also teach me new things as well.  after all the success i want to know that i made the world better.

Q10. What can we look forward to in the future from Mr. Glass John?

Q10. i have a lot of music coming so i’ll just say expect more from me and expect more of me


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+ Rih in his video

Rih in his video

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