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Chrianna , what now?

by LainiAlessandra

"loyal chris brown " Fan Video

This is so cute and fun to watch :) lol 

Chris Brown - Treading Water


Chris Brown + Rihanna - All Back 


Thank u all so much for watching!

I cant even explain u guys how good it feels to see people still comment and watch the video.

This song is a perfect masterpiece. I will never get over the fact that it wasnt chosen as a single. I am so sure it would have done so great on the charts.

This was also my first Chrianna video and Im not ashamed to tell u I was really nervous the day I uploaded it cuz things between Rih and Chris werent really good, people still had a lot of prejudices and I can admit I got a few hating messages which cant ever be compared to the amount of positive messages i got.

People finally started understanding Chris and Rihanna were just kids who made a few mistakes in the process of becoming adults. 

Chris and Rihanna - Light Up The Sky (fan video, made by JDE)

Chrianna | you and me

made by the amazingly talented 


Some of you asked me to put the video on VIMEO so now it’s available for mobile phones, ipads and so on. Enjoy! <3 -Jooleeuh

Chris Brown and Rihanna - You’ll Always Be Mine

Chris Brown and Rihanna - You’ll Always Be Mine

Hello guys,

as promised, here’s a new video. 

I know it took me ages to finish it and upload it (some of you even cussed me out for teasing u with the previews lol sorry!!). I had so much trouble to upload it on youtube. 

The video is not available for mobile phones. It’s not my fault. It’s youtube that gets to decide. I might upload it on Vimeo as well.

I hope u like it <3 Let me know what u think! I hope I wont disappoint u *blushes* 

Lots of LOVE!!!!!


Chris Brown and Rihanna - Light Up The Sky 

Unfortunately the vid is not that long. I had some trouble finishing it, but I hope u take this as a little Xmas present from me. I already have an idea in mind for another video, but I dont think I will be able to make it before Christmas. 
Im happy I was finally able to use a song by another amazing artist I love, Christina Aguilera. I think this song fits perfectly (Let me know if u agree). I wish I used the full version but I was lazy and I cut the song.
Ok, I hope u enjoy the video! I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you all for watching all my other videos (especially the All Back one that hit over 4 Million views!)
Jooleeuh - 1LOVE

Rihanna and Chris Brown - True Love

New fan video “Rihanna and Chris Brown - True Love”

the link:

youtube link: (they removed audio due to claim of copyrights)

- Dee

dadachrianna: omfg this made me cry

"Chrianna True love never dies!!!"

Almost 3 mili :))))))))

Another video beautifully made by Rebekahhh

Chrianna | Turning Page

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rihanna and chris - stay (twitvid)