"Isn't Sanela Diana Jenkins a celebrity pimp?" by Anonymous

just because she got etiquette, doesn’t mean that she’s really a pimp… but no she’s not, ppl tell lies just because she got so much money and because she’s single mom. - Dee

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"Dee did you say jebote pushi mi kuraz jebemti picka to the bodyguard lmao thats my whole bosnian vocabulary btw hahaha" by Anonymous

lmfaoooooooooooooooo screamingggggggggggggg hahahahaahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

yesssssssssss - Dee

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"I'm so happy for you Dee. That is a once in a lifetime chance. Too bad that dumb ass bodyguard ruined it for you. But at least you got to be fairly close to him." by cbfanfiction

yes, I don’t regret.. my dream came true and that’s all what I wanted :) - Dee

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"Aww so happy for you. That's fate - he could have been anywhere in the world and he happened to be in YOUR town. Awesome and I'm jealous !!:)" by lindseyyyyyroseeee

thank you babe :))) - Dee

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"a question for dee; does he still have his 6 pack? & congrats on seeing him, it was well deserved & if it was me i would've screamed super loud so chris would look @ me & i would yell "TEAMBREEZYYYY FOREVERRRRR" & got kicked out!" by thecomfortinnfanfic

lmaooo honestly I didn’t expect this and I usually don’t see big stars like him and being so close to me, so I really didn’t know how to behave, how to get to him.. I just tried to enjoy that moment.. and yessss his 6 packs are still there - Dee

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"Dee, lucky you!! I know you are on cloud 9 right now. Is that you in the blue tank top and cap? If so, you could've reached out and touch him. I hope he sees your post below. God bless you" by Anonymous

that’s not me :) - Dee

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"Dee im so happy for you, but i was wondering did u by any chance take any pictures of Chris shirtless. (:" by Anonymous

no babe, because my batter was dead and bodyguards were flashing lights at us, my friend tried.. but picture turned all black - Dee

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"he took his shirt off!!!!? did he have amazing abs explain!" by Anonymous


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"Anyone know why Chris was in Bosnia? It's so random lol but I'm glad you got to see him Dee:)" by Anonymous

Sanela Diana Jenkins (owner of Neuro drinks) she’s from Sarajevo, her parents live here… she’s big humanitarian and she knows Chris for few years now, remember them at Elton John’s charity dinner and her son was having a bday (blonde kid), so she brought Chris and his crew to Sarajevo to have dinner for his bday and to perform for her son at the club :) - Dee

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"I can't believe Chris was so close to me lol He was a country away from me.. I'm shaking even thinking about it. I would have died if I was you, Dee. I'm so happy for you :)" by Anonymous

Thank you love :))) I hope he comes again, I think that he enjoyed - Dee

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"Dee lucky youu. So happy for you! Im from Montenegro and im dyning right now, i wish it happenes to me too! Im hoing vrazy the whole morning.." by anessaiam

Thank you girls.. as you see, you never know, he might come to your country as well.. I could never think that this will happen.. but dreams actually come true. - Dee

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"Congrats Dee.. You deserve that moment. I would continue to message them so they know who you are." by Anonymous

Thank you so much, it’s very hard to to get close, but I was still very very close :) that’s enough for me - Dee

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Chris partying at Hacienda nightclub in Sarajevo.

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